Son of a Honky Tonk singer from Stamford, Connecticut (unlikely, but true), Ry Cavanaugh has been a central figure in the Cambridge Folk and Rock (roots, if you like) scene for the last 14 years. He produced a live compilation, "One Night in Cambridge," in 1995 featuring Mary Gauthier, Faith Soloway, and many others. He was a founding member of cult-residency bands Vinal Avenue String Band (with Sean Staples and Kris Delmhorst) and Maybe Baby (with Jennifer Kimball). Also, a reluctant and brief member of the acclaimed Wayfaring Strangers. Currently performs with Session Americana and on his own. His song "Lighthouse Light" has been recorded by Mary Black and Redbird (Kris Delmhorst, Peter Mulvey, Jeff Foucault).

About Session Americana - Session Americana (Boston) is a rock band in a tea cup, or possibly a folk band in a whiskey bottle. This band/collective of talented musicians craft a musical experience unlike any other. On stage is a collapsible bar table wired with microphones, a vintage suitcase recast as a kick drum, an old Estey field organ, a pre-war parlor guitar, a mandocello and all of its smaller siblings, a harmonica case fire damaged when Jack's bar went up in flames and graffitied by Depeche Mode roadies, and an assortment of other instruments that get passed around in this freewheeling modern hootenanny. The anything-could-happen feel of a Session show depends on craft that's not accidental or easilywon; they bring a kind of ease and genuineness to this timeless music, sometimes presenting the latest batch of original songs, sometimes reaching back into depths of the American "song bag".



"(Great Shakes) opens up with the little gem that is “One Skinner”, a languid, gorgeously melodic song that slides into your consciousness and never leaves." - Americana UK

"Cavanaugh’s gentle “Raking Through The Ashes” has a brilliant musical conceit, describing the quest to rekindle a failed love with the ashes left in an extinguished fire." - Twangville 2012

"Love and Dirt," Session Americana (2012): The Marvel's Avengers of Boston's burgeoning Americana music scene, these guys have finally put out an album that meets or exceeds the promise of their engaging, inspiring live performances. There's plenty of folk, some rock thrown in for good measure, and a little bit of the blues. It's just the right recipe to make this the city's newest timeless album. Top Tracks: "Love Changes Everything," "Gold Mine," "Barbed Wire" -John Chesto, Boston Business Journal 2012

"For those of you who saw Jeffrey Foucault earlier this year you will have remembered the wonderful Ry Cavanaugh who accompanied him on those shows. Ry’s charm and wit, not to mention endless supply of great songs (both his and other people’s) was there for everyone to see and provided a real different approach to the standard singer-songwriter live show. We are therefore delighted to announce that Cavanaugh is back in the UK and Ireland at the end of September with his truly special musical collective, Session Americana"  Beat Surrender 2013

Nice Review of the Jeff and Ry Shootout Show in Dutch

"Deze maand toert singer songwriter Jeffrey Foucault uit Wisconsin, USA door Zwitserland, Frankrijk, Duitsland en Nederland. Maar niet alleen. Want tijdens de Europese toernee deelt hij zijn podium samen met collega Ry Cavanaugh uit Boston, USA. Cavanaugh is in zijn thuisstad vooral bekend met zijn band Sessions Americana. Twee gitaren, één microfoon en een hoeveelheid wijn. Meer hebben de twee Amerikanen niet nodig, zo is te lezen op de site van Jeffrey Focault. En inderdaad, die ingrediënten blijken maandagavond in Theater Walhalla in Rotterdam toereiken voor een geslaagde maandagavond met pure en subtiele Amerikaanse country, blues en folk muziek. Voor de pauze wisselen de heren elkaar achter de microfoon af. En natuurlijk horen we in Walhalla veel werk van Foucault’s laatste CD Cavalcade. Een zo nu en dan zelfs rockende CD die hij opname met zijn band Cold Sattelite. Na de pauze staan ze broederlijk samen naast elkaar. Ieder liedje met een eigen verhaal met soms een grappige anekdote. Ik hoor en denk aan Bruce Springsteen, Townes van Zandt, lange verlaten wegen in de fly-over van Amerika, ranzige saloons en whisky bars. Er zweeft ook iets geheimzinnigs rondom de beide heren. Amerikaanse media bestempelen Focault als een jongeman met een oude ziel. En daar zit wel wat in. Voor zijn publiek geldt in Walhalla het tegenovergestelde. En dat maakt de avond zo boeiend." Source